BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer Review

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The many good features of the BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer are what have made the device standout from the other types of such devices in the market. For the easy way to determine alcohol content in the breath of any individual there can be no better option. The device combines accuracy with style because with it, the alcohol content in the breath can be easily determined while holding on to a compact and fanciful device.

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The design with which the device comes is one that assists a lot in weight loss. Contrary to views of some people, the compact size, which the device has, does not in anyway undermine the effectiveness it has or the accuracy of the results that are given. With the FDA 510(k) clearance that the device has received, the need for consumer and professional use can be easily met with this professional technology.

The BACtrack S75 Pro makes use of highly accurate fuel cell sensor technology. This has made the device very useful in different types of areas and ways especially where accuracy and easy access to detailed information are required. It can be made use of for medical testing applications, professional applications and for law enforcement applications.

BACtrack S75 Pro Features

  • Employs Police-grade Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor technology
  • Consistently accurate results for up to thousands of tests
  • FDA 510(k) cleared,  0.000 – 0.400 %BAC
  • Front facing mouthpiece dramatically improves ease-of-use
  • Sleek, rounded edges maximize style and comfort
  • No false positives from low calorie diet or diabetes
  • Includes soft carrying pouch, six mouthpieces, hand strap, batteries, and user guide

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There are many benefits that can be enjoyed with the use of this device. Users can be easily provided with consistent results that semi-conductor breathalyzers can not offer. It is possible for example to come up with the same test result from an individual when tested repeatedly within a short space of time. The accuracy of the results that are shown would remain so even for up to thousand tests that are taken with the device and this is something that is quite remarkable as most similar blood alcohol testing devices that are available in the market today are not capable of this kind of feat.

BACtrack S75 Pro Reviews

There are some alcohol breathalyzers that are circulated in the market that their accuracy cannot be attested for because there are times when they give false positive results. The BACtrack S75 breathalyzer would not show a false positive report even when diabetics or those who are placed on low calorie diet are tested. Some semiconductor breathalyzers have been faulted with this demerit.

Over 72 customers have posted online reviews for the BACtrack S75 Pro breathalyzer. Out of these 72 reviews, over 54 of them have been exceedingly positive. There are several disclaimers that those who would want to make use of this device would need to go through. This is a pain to some people as they would want to make use of anything they buy right at the spot of purchase. However this shouldn’t be a problem because the disclaimers are actually facts that will allay the fears of all those who want to make use of the device. Click here to read more reviews.

The comfort which the design of the BACtrack S75 Pro offers its users is another factor that makes it worthy of purchase and because the possibility of accidentally dropping the device has also been reduced considerably with this design, it is highly recommended for consumer and professional use. Click here to check it out.


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