BreathKey Breathalyzer Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester Review

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The BreathKey Breathalyzer keychain breath alcohol tester shows that big things can come in very small packages. It is the smallest and lightest personal use breathalyzer in the world. It shares one thing in common with a professional breathalyzer used by law enforcement agencies; it uses fuel cell sensor technology. Its accuracy has been certified by the FDA to be used as a personal breathalyzer.

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The first thing you notice about this breathalyzer is that it looks a lot like a car door lock remote that you might already have on your keychain. It is extreme light and small, but that does not mean that it is not a powerful breathalyzer. It weighs less than an ounce, but it is powerful enough to detect alcohol in your blood with all the accuracy of the ones law enforcement use.

The reason it is as accurate as the professional use models is that it uses the same technology that makes the professional grade breathalyzers so accurate; fuel cell sensor. This also makes the lifetime battery last so long. With the BreathKey, you would not have to worry that the battery would be dead when you really needed it.

BreathKey Breathalyzer Keychain Features

  • World’s smallest keychain breath alcohol tester
  • Can be used as a party favor
  • Breath tester with fuel cell sensor technology
  • Advanced backlit display
  • Accuracy certified by the FDA
  • +/- 0.010% at 0.080% BAC (blood alcohol content)
  • Lifetime battery that lasts for many years with daily use
  • Professional features and quality, and made in the USA

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The BreathKey keychain breathalyzer has only a single button and LCD readout to operate the device. You simply blow into the unit at the top of and the display shows you what your BAC is. With its small size, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a bulky breathalyzer.

The accuracy has been tested and certified to be +/- .010% at .080% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) by the FDA. It includes what BreathKey calls a lifetime battery and it should last year after year.

BreathKey Keychain Breathalyzer Reviews

Looking at many of the online reviews posted on the BreathKey alcohol breathalyzer keychain, it received majority high ratings. Several reviewers pointed out that its accuracy was well documented as long as you follow the directions. Many reviewers loved how compact it really is, it looks like a standard car door remote. Its single button operation an LCD display makes it easy to read the results.

As you can imagine not all the comments were positive, one reviewer pointed out that if you do not wait 20 minutes after your last drink it can give you an inaccurate reading. Another reviewer noted that the ring attachment breaks to easy, it broke on them after only a couple of days. A big negative mentioned by several reviewers was the fact that you need to recalibrate the device at least once a year and this requires you to send it off to the manufacturer and it costs $12.00 a pop. Over 99 customers have posted online reviews for the BreathKey alcohol breathalyzer. Out of these 99 reviews, over 67 of them have been exceedingly positive. Click here to read more reviews.

Although there were a few more negative reviews on than we would normally like to see, there were still more positive reviews than negative and when looking at other websites every review but one was extremely positive. If you are looking for a professional alcohol breathalyzer for schools or law enforcement purpose, We would suggest you avoid this and look at the other models available on our website. If you are looking for a portable and convenient personal alcohol breathalyzer that would impress your friends, this is the perfect product for you. Yes, it can be used as a party favor because everyone wants to try it! Click here to check it out.

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