For Sale! Expand-A-Lung Sports Breathing Exerciser

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Features and Specifications:

  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you searching for an easy way to increase your endurance and improve athletic performance? We have the answer with the amazing breathing exercise training mouthpiece, a comfortable and easy-to-use device that will really make a difference. For athletes improving endurance and reducing fatigue is a key factor that can improve their performance. That is why our experts have developed a special device that will help anyone
  • PUMP UP THE INTENSITY-with 100% variable resistance you’re in control! As your muscles get stronger increase the resistance for a constant challenge and continuous improvement
  • PORTABLE: Our lung breathing trainer is extremely compact, measuring no more than 4”. It is pocket-size, so you can perform your daily 7-minute training wherever you are, at home, at the gym or while traveling. This technique is so good, even navy seals use it!
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We believe in the quality and performance of the breather exerciser. However, we care about all our customers, so if you have any issue with our product, you will receive a full refund within 60 days of the purchase.
  • UNLOCK YOUR INNER CHAMPION-Experience less fatigue, improved stamina, and unmatched endurance
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Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Possible bacteria buildup. Recommended only with modification.”

I have had this breathing device for 2 days. I think it will work very well and help me strengthen my lungs.My concern is that the silicon mouthpiece is attached to the body of this device with a cable tie. There is STILL MOISTURE between the m

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“Deeper easier breaths after 2 weeks !”

As a youngster I had bouts of asthma which I eventually out grew by early adulthood. And although I competed in competitive sports I never excelled I’m sure because of breathing troubles. Recently I became aware of a soft "wheeze" while

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“I like it because it works when you inhale as well …”

I like it because it works when you inhale as well as when you exhale. I set a bench mark with a volumetric exerciser and an oxygen saturation meter. Even though the device looks like it was cobbled together with lawn sprinkler parts it has mad

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